Anthony Light

What are you passionate about in your role?

  • There are multiple aspects I am passionate about in my role, I enjoy working with the team that I have here at RW, and also getting to share my skills and experiences with them to help strengthen the team and ultimately being in the same boat and rowing together and singing off the same song sheet to use an analogy.

    I have found this helps RW achieve the best results possible across the board, from problem-solving, getting building contents and ensuring design’s look ship-shape. I enjoy the process in general of architecture, and going from ‘wo to go’.

    I find that working at RW Design, gives me a lot of lust for life, definitely turning up every day and just helping out team members to achieve better results. That Is what drives me, helping people whether it be my team or our clients.

How do you relate to clients?

  • I like to put myself in the client's shoes, allowing them to get from where they are to where and what they want to go and do. I do this by essentially letting them outsource my brain, skill set and experiences, and help them work towards the goal that they are wanting to accomplish (project wise!).

    I relate to them by pretending I am them in a sense. I let them use my brain allowing them to achieve their desired outcome (new build, extension, etc).

    Furthermore, I relate to them by being an artist on the side, I have a knack for presentation. I ensure to show the client a deeply detailed design that we have proposed. Relating via presentation is one thing I enjoy doing, this keeps me on my toes.

What do you enjoy most about being part of RW Design?

  • In terms of what I enjoy most about being a part of RW Design, I guess it would be a mixture of the first two questions.

    Being a part of the RW Design team is integral to the work we do. As a team member, having this role and being responsible for the team is one aspect I truly enjoy. I enjoy the team environment; it is very social, but it is also very productive.