Approachable and Accessible

Being approachable and accessible is a key value of RW Design, one way we do this is by ensuring that our social media accounts portray who RWD really is. Which is a tight-knit group of architectural designers, who work collectively to ensure that every client receives the same informal atmosphere that allows them to feel comfortable and be assured of the outstanding work that RWD provides.

Our vision of being approachable and accessible is developed by creating informative posts of how we do, what we do and how this helps both our clients and our community. This includes explaining our process, showcasing our work on local community buildings around Kaiapoi and Rangiora, and showcasing client feedback on the outstanding service that they have experienced.

  • RWD Is approachable and accessible for anything, they are open and encourage communication.
  • As a business we are available to suit the client and we try to be flexible.
  • We work well together as a team and share our knowledge.