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Cutting Crew Rangiora

17 August 2021

RW Design was very fortunate to design Cutting Crews store earlier this year! Esme was great to work with and had some stellar feedback about what it was like to work with our team.

“Working with RW Design was the best decision we made when we looked into dividing up the old Kosco shop in Rangiora, being North Canterbury and the close community it is they had previously worked with this shop so they had all the original designs, they had dealt with our landlords previously and knew Colin O'Neil our builder. Having that well established history made this decision the best one for us.” – Esme, Owner of Cutting Crew


Should you renovate without professional advice?

2 of July 2021

Home owners often think that they are going to save money by undertaking or managing their renovation by themselves, however they often end up blowing well over their budget without even realising. The assistance of architectural firms ensure the clients scope, budget and timeframes are well known before any renovations begin.


What Makes RW Design Different?

1 May 2021

Our vision is to create a genuine point of difference by creating and embracing the RW Design way! This is accomplished by ensuring every client receives the same amazing RW Design service, this service remains consistent for every client by following our core values, which are to ensure we are; authentic, approachable, caring, collaborative, inspiring and upfront, to every single client we work with.  


The Importance of Collaboration

31 May 2021

Collaboration in construction is the combination of multiple firms harnessing their expertise, with the mutual goal of achieving the best outcome for the client. Collaboration between Architecture and Construction firms is invaluable to the building process. RW Design has collaborated with a variety of firms throughout our decades of industry experience, one great example is our collaboration with RPC Construction on the RSA Rangiora and Rangiora Post Office.


BNZ Kaiapoi - RW Design

2 April 2021

Prior to the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, the former BNZ building was a well-preserved example of a substantial Commercial building with imposing classical features appropriate to a Bank of the 1880’s. The BNZ Heritage building was granted a Historic Place Category 1 registration on May 15 2010. 

Recently purchased from the Shivas Family, a group of Local Investors have taken over the enormous task of strengthening, repairing and restoring this historic building.  RW Design is proud to be chosen as one of the Consultants involved in this process and we look forward to watching this project progress.  



Essence Magazine - Hidden Oasis

As you approach the property, the buildings appear first. A towering Mediterranean-style home, complete with turret, is linked by a covered walkway to a small, funky wooden studio. An atrium attached to the studio opens into the covered walkway, but all that is visible through the coloured glass in the front door is an external curved stone wall. It is immediately apparent this place is special. And when the promise of what lies behind that wall is revealed, it is breathtaking.

The house, designed by local architect Robin White, is as unique as the highly creative couple. It looks like it would be just as much at home in Tuscany as in the middle of Rangiora. One beloved aspect is the ‘loggia’ as Rosie referred to it, the Italian word for a covered exterior gallery or corridor. The loggia houses a massive table where many big sheltered outdoor dinners have been enjoyed. A room at the top of the home’s turret and balconies off the upstairs master bedroom all provide sweeping views of the garden.

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RW Design : Featured in Abode

5th March 2019

We're thrilled to be featured in this month's issue of Abode magazine, which profiles a stunning architecturally designed coastal home in Motunau we collaborated on with a client in 2017!


New Office in the Works!

Exciting things are happening at RW Design, as our team gears up to make the move into our NEW OFFICE in the coming months!


Excellence in Innovation: Rangiora RSA

RW Design is proud to be an innovator in architectural design – and our team is very excited to be considered in the Innovation category of the Registered Master Builders Association’s New Zealand Commercial Project Awards for our work on the revitalisation of the Rangiora RSA premises.


Case Study: Rangiora Post Office Building

1 March 2019

As specialists in architectural design and alterations, RW Design was responsible for the recent revitalization of Rangiora’s historic Post Office building.