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Cutting Crew - Rangiora 

RW Design was very fortunate to design Cutting Crews store earlier this year! Esme was great to work with and had some stellar feedback about what it was like to work with our team.

“Working with RW Design was the best decision we made when we looked into dividing up the old Kosco shop in Rangiora, being North Canterbury and the close community it is they had previously worked with this shop so they had all the original designs, they had dealt with our landlords previously and knew Colin O'Neil our builder. Having that well established history made this decision the best one for us.” – Esme, Owner of Cutting Crew

The ultimate goal for RW Design is to ensure our client's dreams are met, therefore it was amazing to hear what Esme thought of the finished interior design.

“We love the final layout. From this space being  one big open shop to now being 3 business spaces, it worked out better than I had imagined with just a few smart alterations.” Esme, Owner of Cutting Crew

What Sets RW Design apart?

A vital part of RW Design’s service is to understand our clients, to listen to their needs and create the perfect design to achieve their goals. Often we learn much more about ourselves from the feedback we receive compared to the ultimate outcome of the design. For this reason it is great to hear what an incredible job our team with assisting Esme, by overcoming the various problems that arise in every project.

“Right from my first phone call with RW Design I felt assured & confident in their service.  My first visit to the office with my plans in hand, they were friendly, honest, direct and told me everything I needed to know up front. As the process went along, with every council obstacle they were on top of it immediately & kept me in the loop, they went above and beyond to get results. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes and all the outside agencies & expertise required to set up a business from scratch, I thought I did my homework but the reality was I was clueless of what it really would take, RW Design took care of the whole process at an affordable rate. I cannot fault the experience we had. I truly was grateful to have them help us.” Esme, Owner of Cutting Crew

Huge thanks to Esme for trusting us with her project, we are incredibly proud of the outcome and we hope all the best for Cutting Crews Future!