Should you renovate without professional advice?

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Should you renovate without professional advice?

Home owners often think that they are going to save money by undertaking or managing their renovation by themselves, however they often end up blowing well over their budget without even realising. The assistance of architectural firms ensure the clients scope, budget and timeframes are well known before any renovations begin.

There are thousands of horror stories about renovations gone wrong, everyone goes in with the best intentions, then someone opens up a wall and there is a problem that no one had considered. Causing a budget or timeframe blowout.

The services of RW Design provide every client with smart solutions to current living space problems, including the implementation of; natural light, ventilation, space efficiency and storage solutions.

At RW Design we work with the builder from start to finish, with the goal of achieving the best result for the client, creating great designs that don’t go over the clients budget.

Professional help can improve the overall design and outcome of every renovation, which result in the property becoming more marketable on resale. An architectural designed renovation can save the owner money in a variety of ways, though the use of smart design techniques, energy efficient designs, and the suggestion of experienced and trusted builders.

Robin White (RWD Company Director) has decades of experience in the architecture industry. His vast experience provides the RW team with incredible problem-solving knowledge, which he strides to pass onto the RW Design team with every project we undertake. If you are thinking of renovating your home, call RW Design for some advice today!