What Makes RW Design Different?

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What Makes RW Design Different?

Our vision is to create a genuine point of difference by creating and embracing the RW Design way! This is accomplished by ensuring every client receives the same amazing RW Design service, this service remains consistent for every client by following our core values, which are to ensure we are; authentic, approachable, caring, collaborative, inspiring and upfront, to every single client we work with.  

Robin White (RW Design, Company Director) has been in the Architectural Design industry for decades. Throughout his vast years of experience, Robin created RW Design with the aspiration and intention to pass on his industry leading knowledge to ensure every single client receives the advice they require, to ensure the building process is enjoyable as possible.

Bumping up against cheaper quotes from competitors, especially in tight economic climates, is a fact of life. However, there is always someone who will do it cheaper. RW Design overcomes this issue by following the Trade Coach’s four proactive steps to differentiate our business in the minds of the customer.

  • Step #1: Realise that price isn’t a client’s only issue. Various other factors are important, including; convenience, recommendations, brand familiarity, and personality.
  • Step #2: Explaining the value of differentiation, by producing evidence of people in a similar situation going with a cheap quote and being stung.
  • Step #3: Express the positives of your services from the customer’s viewpoint.
  • Step #4: Ensure every client is aware of the experience that you can provide.

Why choose RW Design?

Why should you enlist the services of RW Design? RW Design has processes in place to ensure every client receives the same exceptional service, our service ensures that we are:

  • Client centric and always listen to the clients’ input.
  • Add value to all projects we are involved in.
  • Look outwards and embrace new ideas.
  • Work collaboratively with project partners to create the best result for our clients.
  • Get things ‘right first time’ with systems to support this goal – when we don’t, we fix it.
  • Work hard to be a great employer – allowing our employees to work to their full potential.

The differentiation of RW Design’s service ensures that all potential issues that may occur are well thought out and planned for before any problems arise. An example of this differentiation is our process in dealing with council permits. Our extensive experience and ‘know-how’ within the industry ensures clients building and renovation consents are created successfully, removing any unnecessary and stressful delays for our clients.

RW Design is well aware of the role of emotions on clients’ experience, especially for residential clients. Building your first home is considered one of the most fun and yet challenging experiences of anyone’s life. RW Design strives to create an unforgettable experience for all of our clients, by creating an easy and stress-free process.