Collaboration in construction is the combination of multiple firms harnessing their expertise, with the mutual goal of achieving the best outcome for the client. Collaboration between Architecture and Construction firms is invaluable to the building process. RW Design has collaborated with a variety of firms throughout our decades of industry experience, one great example is our collaboration with RPC Construction on the RSA Rangiora and Rangiora Post Office. Russel Pitt, Managing Director of RPC Construction had some great comments to say about working with RW Design, which is 100% reciprocated from all of us here at RW Design. Collaboration ensures all obstacles are overcome, reduce construction costs in the long run, and ensures the project runs smoothly, creating an amazing outcome for all parties involved, especially for the client. This collaboration led to amazing feedback from our client, here is what Ross Ditmar had to say about working with RW Design!

  • No project is a solo effort – the team are all involved.
  • We are open to other people’s ideas – we don’t let professional pride get in the way of the right result.
  • We don’t ‘own’ projects – as individuals or as RWD. This means we listen to ideas and embrace them if they can add value.