Robin White

Robin White - Founding Director

Robin White - Founding Director

What are you passionate about in your role?

  • Making the client the focus of the design so that we create a design which fits them best. It is about their personality, lifestyle, and the best use of the site, while also integrating the design into the geographic landscape.
  • Personally, I love working on heritage projects and country, homestead style homes.

How do you relate to clients?

  • By listening carefully to what is said and what’s not said. It is all about their needs and wants. We are very client-focused and that applies equally to both our commercial and residential projects. I like to listen first and then draw on my experience and skills to come up with the perfect solution for each individual client.

What do you enjoy most about being part of RW Design?

  • Seeing the development and excitement of the team as a result of the learning process. I am enjoying passing on my skills and knowledge – it is extremely rewarding to be growing a team.