Ruby Hazard-Williams

Ruby Hazard-Williams - Architectural Designer

Ruby Hazard-Williams - Architectural Designer

What are you passionate about in your role?

I’m most passionate about design and the technical elements of architecture. Which allows me to be able to bring together multiple aspects of a clients dream home. Not just focusing on one thing, but instead focusing on the bigger picture and being able to bring that all together.

Finding out how things work and don’t work is my passion!

How do you relate to clients?

Being both open and able to listen to my client’s dreams, goals and aspirations is definitely a huge way that I relate to my clients. By translating what they want into their dream design.

What do you enjoy most about being part of RW Design?

That would definitely have to be the team at RW design, I think that we share the same passion and goals, and we work together as a team, everyone is friendly. It is great to be able to bounce ideas of everyone to solve an issue.