Testimonials on our architectural services

"When it comes to designing a home or commercial space Robin is our go-to person.

We have a long history together now, starting with an alteration some years back on our second home and everything Robin has done for us over time we still love.

His ideas work for us, and one of the things that I like about Robin is he knows how to maximise nature and positions houses and rooms to suit the sun – that’s something you get as an extra.

When it comes to fulfilling the requirements of a brief, Robin understands us –if you consider our holiday home as an example, we got every element we asked for ..and some.

I would absolutely recommend Robin – the best thing is to meet for a chat with your ideas, and a design that often begins as a few sketches on a piece of paper will evolve from there.

- Richard Brown

"The Rangiora RSA Club engaged the services of RW Design to redesign our facilities and their professionalism and knowledge was outstanding, we had formal fortnightly meetings and they were always thinking ahead ensuring the project flowed without delays.

They were always available to discuss the project and when we encountered a problem they had the solution promptly. Having a dedicated person on their team overseeing our project was excellent and ensured that they had a deep knowledge of the work required.

RW Design took over our project at an early stage and the results were amazing, their knowledge uncovered items that needed attention that could have posed very costly remedies later in the process. Their understanding of the construction process is broad encompassing all of the regulatory requirements.

Without question we would work with them again, we had a very harmonious construction team that all worked well together".

- Ross Ditmar, President of the Rangiora RSA Club

"Over time I have worked alongside Robin/RW Design on a number of commercial and residential builds and have always found them very good to work with and easy to deal with.

They answer our queries promptly and Robins understanding of the construction process makes it easier for us because he will also listen to our ideas which can make the construction easier and more cost effective.

I would recommend Robin as he really works in with the client to reach the best possible outcomes.

- Colin O’Neill, Managing Director of Colin O'Neill Builders Ltd

"I am a chartered structural engineer with over 10 years of experience who has worked with RW Design for the last three years on a number of projects. As a structural engineer you want to work with architects who understand the way a building is constructed and who are happy to work as part of a design team to achieve the best solution for the client.

 I have found RW Design to be a pleasure to work alongside in developing exciting but efficient structures for their clients. RW Design’s employees are people who are easy to talk to over the phone or organise a meeting with discuss structural solutions for a project. They are knowledgeable in the construction industry and are a trustworthy company who have the best interests of their clients in their hearts.

I have no problem recommending prospective clients to work with RW Design."

 - Mark Bellamy, Senior Structural Engineer, Bud Design Ltd

"Over the last three years we have worked with RW Design on three large projects. During this time we have always found them to be very friendly, approachable and helpful in all regards. Robin himself has fantastic design vision and has built a very talented team around him.

The projects we have worked on together were complex renovations and required a very high level of communication from both parties. We found that RW Design were fantastic to deal with, often attending site at short notice to collaborate on finding the solution. Overall the entire RW Design team are very down to earth and we value their common-sense approach. Nothing is too difficult and they have a can do attitude which aligns with our own core values.

We look forward to working with them on the next project".

- Russel Pitt, Managing Director of RPC Construction Ltd

"I have worked with RW Design over many years.  They have considerable experience in both commercial and residential projects, from design continuing right through the construction process.

They have a good understanding of the construction process including problem solving. 

RW Design are very easy to communicate with and I would definitely work with them in the future".

- Nigel Hogg, Senior Structural Engineer, Lewis & Barrow, Consulting Engineers


“Well, for us redoing a bach in a coastal hazard zone, they made life very easy. They knew how to handle Ecan and with recommendations of what we could and couldn’t do. If you did it yourself you’d be in for a nightmare. They have got the expertise.”

“We partially knew what we wanted, and Robin had a fairly good grip of what we wanted to try and do. It was great that he came and had a look at the site before he started drawing things.”

"Robin did a freehand sketch, of the place before he got down to detail. Which was great to get an idea as often thing get changed before an exact design is required.”

“They have done everything they said they were going to do, and everything has been done in a timely manner.”

- Geoff Taggart, Client (Bach Refurbishment)

“Robin was very easy to talk to and get along with. He respected our ideas in his design.”

“Robin was very down to earth and easy to get along with, his ideas were very helpful for redesigning out bach.”

“We found Robin and RW Design online, visited their website and saw his previous work. We knew people who had worked with him, and we were amazed by what has done.”

- Wendy Taggart, Client (Bach Refurbishment)

"Robin was very relaxed, and he would listen to your ideas. He was great when we would ask for suggestions, he had great ideas and we would always talk them through."

I’d certainly recommend working with them; we had a great relationship. He didn’t go away from our design; he didn’t outshine our idea with his ideas, Robin would sit down and listen to you; he was just a great person to deal with."

They are a great company to work with, and they have always been good with us.”

- Gareth and Nicky Price, Clients (Residential)